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Marí is a singer songwriter in love with God who wants to spread His word. He plays piano, acoustic and electric guitar/bass and drums. He's Learning violin. He's an arranger and music producer and he records and mixes his songs. He sings in english, italian and spanish and is writing many songs that are going to be out soon. He's graduate in modern music composition at European Center of Toscolano. After four years of experience like singer, christian speaker and music producer for different christian TV networks he publishes in 2020 his first single digitally distributed worldwide called "Beyond the clouds" that talks about love that comes from God that helps us to look at things from above ,it's about real peace with God, in ourselves and with others. He hopes that you help him sharing this God's love message with your contribution in listening and sharing with other people.


In 2016 he produced the European  ecumenic youth himn "We are not alone" transmitted in the "West coast praze" (USA and UK) , the gospel TV show directed by Donna McAfee.​

In 2017 e 2018 he produced and recorded TV music shows like singer and christian speaker for the christian TV  Tele Mater New York.

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A thought from Marì:

"Playing christian music  I fell like myself, I discovered what

my music really wants to say, the lyrics are for and about God. 

This changed my life and, at the same time, it came from a life's change. 

Being a christian songwriter is a life style, it comes from a  new way to live all your life...It's a complete change...

It's the manner of  Jesus  and it's wonderful".

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