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It's a christian gospel album. They are 9 songs written and recorded at home in these months, with topics like relationship with ourselves and the others, love in a couple, relationship with the creation, self-discovery and self-realization in your job, your mission and your role in the society and all these topics are broached with God in the center. The Album's message and reflection is about living God in our every-day life in every concrete situation and choice cause He knows us better than we do and this way we can find who we really are and want and staying in life and truth we can find the real joy looking things from a new perspective for God , looking at thing beyond the noise of the world indeed... "Beyond the Clouds". It's a solo project. As songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist I like to work on every aspect of production and for the album I played piano, acoustic and electric guitars, synths, drums and bass and I programmed all sounds and arrangements. In these strange period of lockdowns it was also a so comfortable way to record and I recorded all at home in my home studio where I found easly an intimate interpretations for recordings.

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